I chose to be a Dad. It was not thrust upon me by some external party. I was not given the option of “Dad or death” and forced to pick one. As an adult, I chose to participate in the creation of another human being and accepted the responsibility of raising that person in this extraordinary world.

Because it was my choice, I am also choosing to treat it the same way I treat any other choice I make – by having fun with it. Raising a child is a stressful responsibility, but if you treat it the same way you do any other choice you make, I find that it is a much more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Treat it like you would a hobby – albeit a hobby that you should never stop doing.

Of course, being a Dad is entirely different from what many would consider a typical hobby – like playing video games, gardening, or reading books. It is time-consuming and nerve-wracking. It will make you sore and give you gray hairs. It will have you frustrated and cursing like a sailor. But I’ve seen plenty of people who yell angrily at games they play, who complain of aches and pains after spending hours in the garden, and who get nervous while reading a good book. Is being a Dad, then, not just an extreme hobby?

I write not only about being a Dad but other hobbies I have as well – since being a Dad is just the largest of my many hobbies.