The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

No thanks to GameStop, I procured a Nintendo Switch and have been playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There are plenty of reviews and other people’s opinions on the game out there. I am a big fan and agree with all the great things people have to say about the game. It is, however, a huge time sync, and with Dad being my number one hobby, it’s hard to find time to play. However, I thought I’d write about how I have been finding the time.

First, I have a wonderful wife who understands the enjoyment I receive from playing video games, so she will watch our daughter for an hour if I tell her I want to go play. For example, on Sunday, after we did some errands and I had helped clean up around the house, I asked her if I could play for an hour. I sat down in the living room and played the game while my wife and daughter were also in the living room doing their thing. I could easily pause it and give attention to my daughter when she needed it, but still had enough focus to be able to enjoy the game.

Second, I take advantage of all the sleeping my daughter still does. She takes an hour nap during the day which┬áis great to take advantage of on weekends. She also goes to bed a few hours before us, so I have some time there. I will say that I’ve not been following my sleep schedule very well, so some late nights with tired mornings have been happening – but that isn’t typically a norm, nor should it be.

Third, my workplace is very open to people enjoying their time, so I’ve brought my Switch to work to play during lunch. There are 6 of us at work that have been doing this, and it’s fun to all be playing the same game, doing vastly different things from each other, and discussing our findings.

In general, my hobby of being a Dad takes up a lot of time. But with the right time management, I’ve been able to find time for my video game hobby, as well, which has been especially important during the early days of discovery in Breath of the Wild.

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