Ugh. Another Dad blog?

Sure. Yeah. Why not? I’ve heard that writing is a good way to decompress, so I figured I’d start doing it. If no one reads, that’s cool. If people find particular posts of mine to be awesome, that’s great, too. If someone hates my philosophy towards being a Dad… I appreciate that everyone has an opinion and hope they at least understand my point of view.

Quick introduction to me: I am, in fact, a Dad. My daughter is nearing 16 months now and is one of the most enjoyable and frustrating things in my life. My wife is still as beautiful as the day I met her, and I continue to love her more every day. We have a great life and live right in the heart of it all – Cincinnati, OH. I am a software developer (surprising no one who reads blogs) and enjoy outings with my family, video games, TV, books, and being a Dad.

I will likely be very disjointed in what I write, though I’m sure a lot will focus on being a Dad. I also doubt I’ll be keeping a steady schedule. Who knows? This could end up being my first and only post, but I sure hope not. I guess we’ll see what happens, but thanks for reading, if you are.

My daughter at a Cincinnati Reds game
Excited at the Great American Ballpark

Aside: I capitalize Dad even though it isn’t grammatically correct. I’m not going to apologize.

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